Thysa Zevenbergen

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Custom artworks of tote bags made by Thysart (Thysa Zevenbergen). This nomad artist is going vanywhere living vanlife as an artist.

Fully Personalized paperartwork: Thank-you-card

Fully Personalized paperartwork: Thank-you-card

from 300.00

Your wedding day wouldn’t have been the same without all of your friends and family there. Say “Thank you” with a beautiful card unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Say thank you with a personal touch

  1. A truly unique artwork

  2. Your names surrounded by an artwork that represents both of you

  3. Your favorite color as a background

  4. A blank inside with plenty of space for you to write

  5. A digital file for you to use as you like

  6. Optional: The original artwork for you to frame as a keepsake

Just the digital, or also the orignal artwork?:
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