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Custom artworks of tote bags made by Thysart (Thysa Zevenbergen). This nomad artist is going vanywhere living vanlife as an artist.

Mix & match Baby-card papercutting

Mix & match Baby-card papercutting


A sweet baby-card unlike anything you’ve seen before. The announcement of your baby’s birth deserves a card just as special as your little one. Make it unique, make it a paper cutout THYSART card.

Mix and match to fit your style:

  1. Choose from a selection of baby animals

  2. Choose from a selection of frames

  3. Choose a background color

  4. Add any additional information on your card

Can’t find your favorite animal or frame in the selection? No worries, I can make a fully custom-made card for you. Choose the option: Fully personalized Baby-card in the shop.

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