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Follow along as Thysa Zevenbergen tells her story as a vanlife illustrator and artist. Her adventures on the road traveling in her beloved mercedes 207D, her artshows and her books written together with Ru de Groen.

CINETOL, Tolstraat 182, 1074 VM, Amsterdam


Opening @ CINETOL Amsterdam

07-04-2016 - 12-05-2016 CINETOL
Tolstraat 182, 1074 VM Amsterdam

Opening on the 7th of April at 20:00

Opening of the new expo at Cinetol / Tolbar: Thysart.

THYSART’s cutout’s have a lace-like look to them. The finely cut white paper seems to come to life when in contact with light as it creates a dancing shadow behind her work.

Her bird’s symbolize the journey of discovering oneself and eventually finding ultimate freedom.

“ (...) I believe life is full of directions; it’s a map you can wonder on. The road you choose will bring you to where you need to be. It may be bumpy at times, but once you’ve climbed to the top of the mountain you get a new perspective. The valley from which you’ve come from might seem irrelevant; even though the climb was rough you have had many views on the way up. It is how you look at your obstacles that defines you, not the obstacles themselves. (...)“